Nomination Kolla! 2014
Category Identity

Öppna Kanalen Göteborg is a public access channel that is
based on a democratic idea of an open TV-channel where everyone is welcome and encouraged to broadcast. Öppna Kanalen Göteborg is not aiming to broadcast programs that are going to attract as many viewers as possible but programs that is of large importance for the, sometimes very few, people they concern. Very narrow subjects gets a unique space in the often mainstream oriented media flow.

For the identity of this organization we created a unique and  flexible solution where different parts form a visual language, grounded in a design principle and more or less open rules. Together the parts form a strong and cohesive significance.

The black frame is capturing and giving focus to a section of an image. By constantly moving focus it can, in the same way as the the TV-channel, frame and find limelight for things and people outside the most obvious gaze.