Swedish Book Art Award

“The red foil cross on the cover leads the way to a story of mountain ranges and stray hikes. Photographs in stunning gray tones depict the remains of signs and building structures in this mountain environment. The suggestive images raise questions and form a melancholic transition to the story of the missing observer, Manne Hofling 1917. Aesthetically pleasing index with miniature pictures.” 

- Jury Svensk bokkonst (Swedish Book Art)

The book Observatören by photographic artist Emanuel Cederqvist, depict Sarek National Park and the remaining traces of a man working as an observer at a weather station there before disappearing during a snowstorm in 1917. 

All photos are in grayscale and portrait format, which determined the dimensions of the book. The book begins with a photo part that is completely separated from text. The text part at the end of the book where you can read more about the expedition is also separated considering choice of paper.

A metallic foil stamped red cross on the lower left of the front indicates the place where the observer went missing.